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AMERICAN AQUATICS is experienced in managing lakes and ponds to provide the maximum recreational opportunities for the owners. Lakes and ponds are complex systems that benefit from the development of a management plan that takes into account not only the biology but the requirements of the owner.

Some people want to catch big bass, bluegill, or catfish while others want a pretty view. Still others want to use the lake for hunting. Usually owners want a combination of these uses. This is where AMERICAN AQUATICS can be most useful.

We will evaluate the fish populations and structure of your lake by seining, electrofishing and/or netting. This allows us to determine the current status of the fish in your lake. We also will determine what you want from the lake so that this can be used as a guide to develop a management plan specifically for your lake. You may want to catch trophy bass or fly fish for bluegill. It is your lake and we will help you achieve the type and quality of fishing experience that YOU want. We do this by combining the fish and lake management techniques that will best meet your objectives.

The lake management plan can include fertilization, stocking of game and/or forage fish, harvest restrictions, water level management, aquatic plant management, habitat management or other related topics. Our recommendations are based on the results of the fish surveys and what you want from the lake.

Some of our clients who followed our management plans catch fish at ten times the rate of public waters. They catch large bass and giant bluegill and lots of them. Their lakes are used by waterfowl, deer, doves, turkeys as well as by other wildlife.

Our staff of biologists have more than 100 years collective experience in dealing with lakes and ponds. Our President, J. Fred Heitman, is a Certified Fishery Scientist by the American Fisheries Society. We have the experience, permits, equipment and training to help you improve your lake.

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