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AMERICAN AQUATICS is a biological consulting firm that specializes in collecting environmental samples from a variety of sources. As our name implies we are specialists in collecting aquatic organisms such as fish and benthic macro invertebrates. We are experienced with the collection of water, soil and sediment samples. We also collect samples from terrestrial organisms such as whitetail deer, rabbits, birds and earthworms.

We have extensive experience in NPDES and Stormwater permitting issues. We can assist you in preparing your General Permit application, conduct your site inspections, develop and implement a stormwater sampling plan, make changes to your SWPPP and in some cases write your SWPPP.

AMERICAN AQUATICS doeslake and pond management and wildlife management for private clients. Our clients are interested in improving fish and wildlife populations on their property and we provide management plans that are designed to meet the client’s specific objectives. If you want big bass or a lot of deer or both, we are qualified and experienced to meet your needs.

Since our establishment in 1996 we have continually expanded our capabilities while maintaining the cornerstone of our success – client satisfaction. We conduct our projects to the satisfaction of our clients, on time and within budget. We are recognized nationally for our expertise in the areas described above.

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